Saturday, 05th Jan 2019

Of the two ligaments of the ankle joints, lateral ligaments is more commonly injured than medial.

              The lateral ligaments of the ankle joint consist of 3 segments - anterior talo-fibular, posterior talo-fibular and middle calcaneno-fibular.

A sudden inversion strain of the ankle during walking on irregular ground or falling during the game may result in injury to the lateral ligament. This usually damages the anterior or middle segment of the ligament.

 The patient usaually give a history of an injury. In chronic cases, the patient may give a history of recurrent minur injuries or incomplete rupture. The patient may complain of an audible snap.

There is sudden severe pain, which gradually become dull type.

Swelling occur rapidly due to, tissue fluid escaping into the fascial spaces.

Bruising is seen in acute cases over the injured part due to escaping of blood into neighbouring tissues.

There is loss of function and movement due to muscle spasm and pain.

As the ligament becomes weak, but eversion is painless.

On palpatio, there is a tenderness on distal proximal attachment of the ligament.

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