Monday, 07th May 2018

Torticollis is the cerival condition which is either congenital or spasmodic ( acquired). In this the head is flexed towards the shoulder of one side and face is turned to the opposite side.


Congenital : there are two basic causes for congenital torticollis.

a) muscular cause: shortening of the sternomastoid muscle due to presence of tumor in the muscle either due to arterial obstruction or spasm of venous occlusion resulting into ischaemia.

b) postural cause : malpostitioning of foteal neck in uterus

Acquired : it is also refered as Wry neck its basic cause may be 

a) Acute inflammation of cervical muscles.

b) Spasm of the cervical muscle particularly the sternomastoid muscle.

c) Hysterical.


1) Head is flexed towards one side its rotation to opposite side.

2) Usually the left side is affected.

3) In cervical region there is scoliosis with convexity to the sound side.

4) Head is protruded forward with raised shoulder of the affected side.

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